Dooke Live

The division DOOKE LIVE is essentially oriented towards real estate, tourism, hotel business, Events.

Real estate

Real estate is a term which includes and refers to every commercial activity or private concerning real estates goods. The term refers commonly to activities of management and transaction operating on its goods, but it touches equally many related activities such as; hosting, construction, promotion, advice, urbanization, architecture etc. Rights and finance are domains of activity indispensable to the functioning of the real estate market.

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Tourism at the same time refers to migration, the fact of traveling, for its own pleasure ,out of its own daily space, habitual living places, and to stay temporarily, but also an economic sector which includes the whole of activities linked to the satisfaction and the moving of tourists.

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Hotel business

The hotel business equally called the hotel industry is an activity which belongs to the tertiary sector which groups together institutions that propose a welcoming service – board and lodging to passing customers or local, during a determined duration, in exchange of a contribution.

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The event communication is a tool of communication out of medias; internal or external; used by a company or an institution or any other kind of organization ( association) consisting in creating an event; generally on the form of a show, congress, festival, convention ,festive night, cocktail, giving or prices or rally.

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DOOKE WORKS represents the division of the Group's Works. This work is divided into three autonomous departments:


In this phase of its development, the DOOKE Consulting division is mainly oriented towards digital engineering, training and research.


The experience and know-how of Dookecorporation bring him the confidence of the biggest companies of the place.