Dooke Green

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The division green is essentially oriented towards agriculture, durable development, research and education.


Agriculture is a process where by humans fit out their ecosystem to satisfy their food requirements firstly and others, their society. It gives an overall view of know-hows and activities having as objectif the culture of the soil, and generally, in a whole works are in a natural space ( not only terrestrial) permetting to cultivate and withdraw human bodies ( plants, animals, see mushrooms and germs) useful to human being.

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To face future challenges, farmers; foresters, food sector and the bio-industry needs new knowledge which could be applied on the field.

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Agricultural education is the teaching of agriculture, natural resources and the management of soils thanks to experience and the orientation to prepare students on the front-end employment or a complementary education to prepare advanced agricultural employments .

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Durable Development

Durable development is a new conception of general interest, applied to the economic increase and reconsidered at the world scale so as to take into consideration environmental aspects and social of a globalized planet.

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