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Dooke Live

The division DOOKE LIVE is essentially oriented towards real estate, tourism, hotel business, Events.

Real estate

Real estate is a term which includes and refers to every commercial activity or private concerning real estates goods. The term refers commonly to activities of management and transaction operating on its goods, but it touches equally many related activities such as; hosting, construction, promotion, advice, urbanization, architecture etc. Rights and finance are domains of activity indispensable to the functioning of the real estate market.


Tourism at the same time refers to migration, the fact of traveling, for its own pleasure ,out of its own daily space, habitual living places, and to stay temporarily, but also an economic sector which includes the whole of activities linked to the satisfaction and the moving of tourists.

Hotel business

The hotel business equally called the hotel industry is an activity which belongs to the tertiary sector which groups together institutions that propose a welcoming service – board and lodging to passing customers or local, during a determined duration, in exchange of a contribution.


The event communication is a tool of communication out of medias; internal or external; used by a company or an institution or any other kind of organization ( association) consisting in creating an event; generally on the form of a show, congress, festival, convention ,festive night, cocktail, giving or prices or rally.

Dooke Logistics

The division DOOKE Logistics is essentially oriented towards the custom& Transit; Transport and Import & Export.

Customs & Transit

The custom transit is a custom procedure facilitating the transport of goods between two points of the custom territory, via another custom territory, or between two or more different custom territories. It permits a temporary suspension of rights, taxes, and political measures which are applicable to import, permitting then to make formalities of custom clearance at destination instead of being at the point of entrance in the custom territory.


A mode of transport or a means of transport, or a system of transport, is a particular form of transport which distinguishes itself principally by the vehicle used, and consequently by the infrastructure put in place. When many modes of transport are associated to contribute in the realisation of a transport operation. It is the term multimodality which is used.

Import & Export

Commercial activity which has as main aim the acquisition of products coming from abroad and the selling of national products abroad.

Dooke Green

The division green is essentially oriented towards agriculture, durable development, research and education.


Agriculture is a process where by humans fit out their ecosystem to satisfy their food requirements firstly and others, their society. It gives an overall view of know-hows and activities having as objectif the culture of the soil, and generally, in a whole works are in a natural space ( not only terrestrial) permetting to cultivate and withdraw human bodies ( plants, animals, see mushrooms and germs) useful to human being.

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To face future challenges, farmers; foresters, food sector and the bio-industry needs new knowledge which could be applied on the field.

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Agricultural education is the teaching of agriculture, natural resources and the management of soils thanks to experience and the orientation to prepare students on the front-end employment or a complementary education to prepare advanced agricultural employments .

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Durable Development

Durable development is a new conception of general interest, applied to the economic increase and reconsidered at the world scale so as to take into consideration environmental aspects and social of a globalized planet.

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Dooke Consulting

In the phase of its development, the division DOOKE CONSULTING is essentially oriented towards numerical engineering , training and research.

In the context where the African continent aspires more and more to climb in the revolutional train of numeric and computing, the brutal passage from analogy to digital requires precise competences, just as partnerships more and more strategic.

In addition to this engineering teams, dooke consulting counts on its large network made up of certification structures on one hand and on the other equipment suppliers of latest generation.

Software development

Our engineers planifies and execute bit by bit the production of softwares within the time limit allowed and the allocated budget . We analyse your needs and determine with you the best solution to bring in:

  • Conception and documentation;
  • Software architecture;
  • Development;
  • Software infrastructure;
  • Migration technology;
  • Refactoring technic.

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Web development

As activity we do design of production and promotion of dynamic sites, portal and web applications via development frameworks and CMS . We offer as services:

  • Creation of responsive web sites;
  • Redesign websites and web portal;
  • Design and graphic production;
  • Web hosting;
  • SEO and web referencing;
  • Integration of CMS.

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Mobile Development

Numerical smartphones and tablets are more used in your companies, which needs necessarily adequate apps for your activity. Our development service on mobile covers:

  • Migration of applications;
  • Mobile development;
  • Integration of Web Services;
  • Technological migration;
  • Refactoring technic.

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Applicative maintenance

we assure a third party maintenance applicative (TMA) of your application in all confidence, so as to permit you to concentrate on your main work. Our TMA services foresee:

  • The correction of applicative bugs;
  • The development of new module;
  • The upgrade of technologies;
  • The optimization of job process;
  • The documentation software;
  • The transfer of competences to teams.

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Dooke Works

DOOKE WORKS represents the division Works of the group. These works falls under three autonomous departments:

Building and public works department

one of the challenges of our century stays eventually the modernization of infrastructures, the renovation of arts works, the invention and maintainance of intelligent accommodation, respective to man and the environment.

DOOKE WORKS positions itself on the big work in partnership with research departments and architecture consultancy, by means of works, it emphasizes on its team made up of rope access technicians.

Indicator : IN 2015, the market in Building public work service increased with 7% compared to 2014. Africa representing 15% of the world market against 8,1% in Asia, 16,4% in USA, 5,6% in latin America, 45,2% in EUROPE, 4.5% in neighbor hoods and the Middle east, and 4,5% in Oceania.

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Industry department

We place ourselves in a duel which opposes on one side, the desire to produce more and more and on the other side, to fight against global warming which passes through technological innovation and the research of more green power, with it at the center , requirements in terms of prevention, quality, hygiene and security at work.

While waiting that the division of engineering of DOOKE CORPORATION gives the results of its solution research for remediation of Africa and the reduction of GES, the industry department works on the maintenance and control of production factory just as explotation sites of petroleum and mining, in the strict respect of international norms regarding security.

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Telecommunication department

The fact is clear; as long as men will inhabit the earth, they will always communicate. This desire which is at the same time a need, calls for our attention on what is on communication, telecommunication / transmission. For now, the main effort is assured in partnership with other specialized companies. We position ourselves as experts in the maintenance of communication infrastructures and connection. Our teams are present where the conception, maintenance, and management of your platforms are requested.

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The experience and know-how of Dookecorporation attract the confidence of the biggest companies of the place.