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Welcome to Dooke Corporation

Dooke corp. has been created in 2015 on one hand to answer the professional multi-sectoral needs in a world which is in continuous movement,


on the other hand to be at the height of challenges in the future decade, bringing sure solutions,


Our activities

DOOKE CORPORATION is part of this futuristic vision of a continent that is moving, and intends to bring its stone to the construction of Africa.


DOOKE CORPORATION is committed to continuing to contribute to the growth of the African continent in the coming decades, and aims to be a 5-division holding company by 2023.

The Group

DOOKE CORPORATION distinguishes itself by its exceptional diversity of its competences and it’s know-how at the same time in the technical, technological and engineering domain.


DOOKE CORPORATION delivers high quality of work and services, with a tough technical complexity and technological, at the same run leading operational renovations respectively to the environment by integrating all the norms as regards to security, hygiene, and quality.


Le Groupe ambitionne d’être un atout et une des solutions aux enjeux de ce siècle.


Our activities by department

Dookecorporation is divided into five departments that include different activities.

  • Dooke Corporation
  • DookeConsulting
  • DookeGreen
  • DookeLive
  • DookeLogistics
  • DookeWorks

Our logos by departments

The experience and know-how of Dookecorporation attract the confidence of the biggest companies of the place.