Welcome to Dooke Corporation

DOOKE CORPORATION has been created in 2015 on one hand to answer the professional multi-sectoral needs in a world which is in continuous movement, on the other hand to be at the height of challenges in the future decade, bringing sure solutions, more credible and especially more precisely on the continent which may harbor the quarter of the world wide population around 2050.

Consequently, the African population which counts actually 1, 2 billions inhabitants may double by the middle century and may reach 4,2 billions by 2100 according to unicef. This demography increase may lead to an overcrowding rapidly and by the end of 2030 some of Africans may live in these towns

DOOKE CORPORATION steps in, in this futurist vision of a continent in constant movement wishing to bring it’s own corner stone in the construction of Africa. That is why she is surrounded by experts and socio-economic partners coming from Europe, USA and normally Africa.

We are present today in 3 countries :


DOOKE WORKS represents the division of the Group's Works. This work is divided into three autonomous departments:


In this phase of its development, the DOOKE Consulting division is mainly oriented towards digital engineering, training and research.


The experience and know-how of Dookecorporation bring him the confidence of the biggest companies of the place.